Persian Kashan Silk 350x253cm

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Hand Knotted Finest Quality Silk Rugs Most of the Persian silk carpets-silk rugs are made in the city of Qum. They are very carefully and finely knotted. Qum Silk carpets-silk rugs entire foundation are made of silk, both the warp and weft, or sometimes only the warp are silk. Qum are now among the most popular of all Persian carpet, despite their short history, because of the superior standard of craftsmanship and the rich variety of patterns. The cartoons on which the patterns are based were devised by artists. They adopted many of the beautiful designs and motifs from other carpet producing regions and interpreted them with enormous skill.

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Origin Iran
Province Persian Kashan Silk
Pile Silk
Size 350x253cm 11/6x8/4ft
Warp Silk
Age New
Thickness Approx 2mm
Colour Pastel
Knot Density 800000-900000 knots per m2
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